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Model 2 Survey Results

There is 1 Model 2 in the survey, a treadle manufactured in 1891. It has a shuttle bobbin and a low mounted bobbin winder.

The black shiny finished machine has a spoked chrome balance wheel and a flat face plate.

The plate on the back right side is black cast iron and shaped to go along with the shape of the back of the arm. The decals on the plate match the Sphinx decals on the rest of the machine.

The stitch length adjustment is an unmarked knob on the front right side of the machine. The 2 had no reverse or zigzag stitch.

The upper thread tension is unmarked on the front left side of the machine.

It has a large 1 5/8 inch Singer medallion.

The head measures 14.5 inches from face plate to outer edge of balance wheel and the bed measures 14.75 by 7 inches.

It is a straight needle, low shank.

The treadle does not have a light.