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Class 24 Survey Results

There is 1 model 24 (24-62 )in the survey manufactured in 1920.

The model 24 is a chain stitch machine and therefore has no bobbin. It looks significantly different and smaller than a typical Singer of the early 1900s.

The 24 in the survey is an electric, knee lever, portable. It has a solid balance wheel with a chrome edge. The machine is shiny black with very plain decals. It has a plain face plate that is not flat. The stitch length adjuster is beneath the bed of the machine with the numbers appearing through a window in the bed.

There is no reverse or zigzag stitch.

Upper thread tension is unmarked in the front of the machine. It has a large 1 5/8 inch Singer medallion in the middle of the base of the machine.

The head of the machine is 7.75 inches long. The bed of the machine is 5 by 6 inches but the bed of the machine is raised above the table surface (like the Willcox & Gibbs chain stitch machines).

The 24 is a straight needle, low shank machine with a light mounted in back. The machine is attached to a wooden base onto which a bentwood case attaches.

Class 24 pictures and additional information can be found at ISMACS International.