Jim's Recipes

Cooking has always been a passion of mine.   It all started when I, as a child, would spend my vacations with my grandmother.   Many hours were spent in the kitchen with her watching and learning and talking.   I learned more from the talking than I did the cooking.  But that is the way of grandmothers.

This page is woefully lacking in recipes at the moment but changing that is in the works.  In the meantime, please check out my grandmother's fudge (peanut butter and chocolate) recipe, below.

Almond Coconut Balls

Black Bean Soup

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Grandmother's Fudge

Grandmother's Cheesecake

Kielbasa-Rice Pilaf


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How to Bake

by Nick Malgieri

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The necessary ingredient for successful baking every time, this one-volume baking "bible" has more than 400 recipes, color photographs, precisely illustrated techniques, and tricks of the trade for the entire range of baked goods.

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Two of the greatest Greats ... JULIA AND JACQUES COOKING AT HOMEJulia Child and Jacques Pepin teamed together for the public TV show, now you can have the companion volume.

The Joy of Cooking

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Since its original publication, Joy of Cooking has been the most authoritative cookbook in America � the one upon which millions of cooks have confidently relied for more than sixty-five years. It's the book your grandmother and mother probably learned to cook from, the book you gave your sister when she got married. This, the first revision in more than twenty years, is better than ever.